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Learn Why So Many Companies Use Web-2-Print

Web 2 Print Solutions

Imagine logging into a website with pre-designed templates created specifically for your company. Here you could order business cards, marketing materials and promotional products for your company, view virtual proofs instantaneously and schedule shipping for one or multiple locations anywhere in the world—all within 10 minutes!

It’s possible with Pinnacle's web-2-print platform, which hosts templates created from the artwork files you provide or we design for you. The templates have areas of text that are modifiable, making it easy and cost-effective to make changes and place orders for most of your company’s branded materials. No design fees and it’s fast!

Over one billion dollars per year in print and collateral transactions are sent through this platform, and more than half of Fortune 500 companies utilize this system.

By purchasing your print and promotional items through this tool, you’ll...
  • Manage all order activity through a single interface
  • Decrease overhead costs by 25% or more
  • Optimize shipping and tracking for multiple locations
  • Reduce human errors
  • Maintain a uniform brand and corporate identity
  • Access design templates that are stored for easy editing
  • Utilize a secure, password-protected interface

Our web-2-print platform is an affordable option that could save your company thousands of dollars annually by reducing time spent managing outside vendors. Plus, you’ll ensure the consistency of your brand by eliminating deviations of designed materials between departments. And, the web-2-print platform makes accounting a breeze with orders history in one convenient location.

The Pinnacle Process

Creating a company online does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Pinnacle's consultative process makes it easy.

During the 5-step process, Pinnacle will:
  • Analyze your needs and goals
  • Evaluate and offer recommendations
  • Design and build your company online store—as a part of your existing website or with a link to a separate website.
  • Take receipt of your existing inventory. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to wander through your warehouse or storage room and count it all...just ship it to us and we will inventory your stock and enter the numbers into your you a fresh starting point for tracking and accountability.
  • Help you purchase printing, supplies and promotional items at a discount. You can leverage our buying power, order larger quantities and save significantly on the per-unit cost, while spending less time on purchasing, managing, invoicing and tracking activities.

Contact Pinnacle Print Solutions for more information on how we could set up a web-2-print website for your company.

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